Dominic Swaine

Graduate Software Engineer (iOS) at Wise (formerly TransferWise). Student of Computer Science (MSci) at King's College London.



KCL Law Society

Designed to act as the public face of the society, the app allowed law students to connect with the society’s 30+ partner law firms and discover upcoming networking, vocational and social events. Comprising of a React Native mobile application and a Firebase backend, the app was available on both the iOS and Android app stores and had a monthly user base in excess of 250 members.

The Low Carb Program

The Low Carb Program is a multi-award-winning digital health platform. Accredited for use by the NHS, the app is designed to aid those with Type 2 Diabetes in the management of their condition. Whilst at Diabetes Digital Media, I was responsible for software quality assurance, the refresh of the application user interface and the localisation of the app for the English- and French-Canadian markets.

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